OR Medication and Narcotics Inventory Management Made Simple with IntelliGuard® LVIS™

IntelliGuard® RFID Solutions for Critical Inventory: The Anesthesia Drug Management Revolution is About to Begin 

The OR no longer has to be a black hole for anesthesia drugs. Introducing the IntelliGuard® Linked Visibility Inventory Station™  or LVIS™: Offering ideal caregiver medication access at the point-of-care and remote pharmacy visibility enterprise-wide.

IntelliGuard® LVIS™ Looks Different Because It Is Different

LVIS features three RFID-enabled drawers – each independently configurable for unique user access rights. Use the RFID-enabled module alone, or add the optional companion unit for convenient stocking of general supplies or procedure-specific items.

The IntelliGuard® LVIS™ Offers Three Authentication Options to Fit Your Needs: Proximity badge, fingerprint and keypad. Single or two-factor authentication are configurable per specific user for access to any combination of drawers.

Visual light indicators designate station status, such as power, work surface activity, log in, access and scan-in-progress. 

For The Anesthesia Care Team, The Process Is Seamless

Simply open the drawer and select medications as needed. Behind the scenes, the Intelliguard® LVIS™ simultaneously unlocks the drawers and records an encounter start time. Open matrix drawers provide quick access for care teams. The Intelliguard® LVIS™ automatically registers what and how much inventory has been removed or returned.

The IntelliGuard® Client Intelligence Portal Keeps Pharmacy Informed

  • Proactive par level notifications preempt stock-outs throughout the day

  • Precise inventory enables exact medication pick lists for daily replenishment

  • Intelliguard® LVIS™ even tracks expiry dates and provides lot number detail for recall management

LVIS is also smart enough to know what is currently in use via the active work surface.  Multiple items may be removed and staged without affecting inventory accuracy.

At anesthesiologist log-out, IntelliGuard® LVIS™ records an encounter end, completing the charge capture reconciliation record. Visual indicators provide added security and email or text alerts can be programmed if controlled substances remain on the work surface when the anesthesiologist logs out

The IntelliGuard® Linked Visibility Inventory Station™

Effortless Drug Inventory Optimization And Security At The Point of Care