Anesthesiologists and Clinical Care Teams: Simple, Non-Disruptive Workflows with RFID

Anesthesiologists and Clinical Care Teams

In the OR Stress is a Given. Drug Worries Don’t Have to Be. 

When a critical anesthesia drug is not on hand at the point-of-care, patient care and safety are at risk, staff interruptions result and the effects are often chaotic and always costly. We understand these issues and have engineered the IntelliGuard® Linked Visibility Inventory™ with anesthesia users in mind. IntelliGuard® LVIS™ is the first medication inventory management system uniquely designed to support anesthesia care teams while offering effortless drug inventory optimization at the point-of-care. Using patented and exclusive RFID technology, the IntelliGuard® LVIS Station™ automatically records real-time drug utilization data without disrupting the care team’s workflow. Anesthesia care teams get hassle-free workflows with no disruption to patient care, while pharmacies get the real-time inventory data and long term analytics they need for simplified anesthesia medication management.

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The First Medication Inventory Optimization System Designed to Support Anesthesia Care Teams
The IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solution automatically captures and timestamps data on every medication removed or returned each time an LVIS Station™ drawer is closed – with no scanning or manual recording required from the care team. Real-time inventory management is enabled, allowing pharmacy teams to respond to actual clinical needs and precisely implement safe drug inventory processes.


Simple Workflow. Actionable Data.

 Anesthesiologists and Clinical Care Teams


Put RFID Technology to Work for You. LVIS™ tells your pharmacy what you need, when you need it - without you lifting a finger. 
Using advanced RFID healthcare technology, the IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solution offers a non-disruptive, user-friendly experience for anesthesiologists, while providing hospital pharmacies the real-time information they need.

Technology is imminent in the OR. It is essential that any new technology adopted by your health system support and simplify the provision of clinical services. To voice your support of this game-changing anesthesia medication management system for inventory optimization in the OR, talk to your Director of Pharmacy or your IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions representative directly.

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