Medication Error Prevention and Safety Leaders: Hospital Pharmacy Automation to Prevent Errors

The job of a Medication Safety Leader requires implementation of systems to prevent errors. IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions provide hospital pharmacy RFID automation systems to assure that medication supply errors and shortages are reduced or eliminated.

The IntelliGuard® Kit and Tray Management System uses proprietary and exclusive RFID technology to automate medication kit and tray replenishment tasks in the pharmacy. We specifically focus on anesthesia trays, code cart kits and other high-density/high-use kits, trays, boxes, fanny packs and bags. The system can scan more than 150 medications in seconds to instantly indicate what’s missing, expired or soon to expire so pharmacy technicians can quickly and accurately refill the kit to specifications.

The IntelliGuard® Kit and Tray Management System is proven to save staff time while offering assurance each task is performed with 100% accuracy. Automation eliminates human error, distraction and exhaustion that go along with manually checking these trays–and the IntelliGuard® Kit and Tray Management System does not permit steps in the process to be missed or skipped.

The IntelliGuard® Smart Cabinet Inventory System tracks and monitors critical pharmaceutical inventory levels as well as the conditions in which they are stored. RFID-enabled Smart Cabinets automatically monitor inventory and update each time the door is closed.

The IntelliGuard® Linked Visibility Inventory System uses patented and exclusive RFID technology to automatically collect actionable medication inventory data at the point-of-care, without requiring manual counting, paper recording or item-level scanning. IntelliGuard® LVIS securely stores drugs in each OR. Access-controlled locking records each user interaction and provides the security needed for narcotics storage. Every time an LVIS Station drawer is closed the IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory System captures and timestamps data on every medication removed or returned. And because the IntelliGuard® LVIS automatically tracks inventory upon removal, highly valued open matrix access is granted to anesthesia care teams–speeding access to medications and virtually eliminating the practice of pre-drawing medications for multiple patients in advance.

Reduce Medication Errors with RFID

Staff and administration have access to actionable information minute-by-minute with on-demand reports through the Client Intelligence portal. Alerts and notifications keep everyone informed to quickly find and remove expired or recalled medications, manage inventory to expected par levels and process reorders to avoid stock-outs that put patients at risk.

In the event of a recall, IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions can provide details as to exactly which kit, tray or cabinet contains the recalled medication, and pinpoint where these medications are anywhere in the hospital.

By eliminating reliance on manual counting and item-level scanning and automating error-prone manual tasks, IntelliGuard®  Intelligent Inventory Solutions are an effective solution to reduce medication errors and prevent shortages before they occur.

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