Real-Time Inventory Visibility Across Your Healthcare Enterprise

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IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions provide RFID-enabled automation for unparalleled real-time visibility to critical healthcare inventory. 
We develop and patent technology and processes with an unwavering commitment to accuracy to eliminate human error, improve cost control, reduce risk, increase efficiency and optimize revenue.

Leading Innovator of RFID Healthcare Technology Solutions

We currently hold 19 patents, have 9 patents pending and hold exclusive license to specific patents in the healthcare market.

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When It Comes To IT Architecture, We Know One Size Does Not Fit All

Whether supporting a single client site, or thousands of connected sites across the globe, our technical architecture is designed with flexibility, security and maximum uptime in mind. You can be assured IntelliGuard® RFID systems will remain secure, stable and supportable. 

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Small Drawers, Large Metalized Refrigerators - Yes We Can!

Our IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions embody technology and method patents that increase read rates and reliability of RFID systems to quickly and accurately identify vast numbers of RFID tagged articles in physical enclosures of any size, including small self-contained RFID-enabled drawers and large, metalized RFID-equipped refrigerators.

Hundreds of Items in Random Orientation? We Have You Covered.

We can accurately read hundreds of items even when tags are randomly oriented.  This is specifically well matched for medication management applications, where pharmaceutical inventory is distributed in kits, trays, boxes, fanny packs and bags.

Liquids, Metals or Other RFID Unfriendly Items? No Problem.

Our RFID Smart Tag supports all inventory and packaging types, including vials, ampules, syringes, IV and foil wrapped bags, liquid filled containers, metal tubes and more.  And, when combined with our patented antenna systems and processes, provide fast and 100% accurate read rates.

One Small Tag. Dozens of Big Uses.

Our RFID Smart Tag is the smallest proven tag for comparable pharmaceutical inventory management applications. 

End-to-End Global Visibility: IntelliGuard Puts You in Control.

With remote item-level visibility, you’ll have complete chain of custody reporting to enable truly effective inventory control.

Temperature- Sensitive Inventory? We’re Cool.  

Our RFID-enabled Smart Cabinets provide remote inventory storage and management to track and monitor critical inventory and the conditions in which it is stored. Whether you need Cold or Controlled Room Temperature, we have lab grade RFID smart cabinets ranging in size from 2.3 cu ft. to over 26 cu. ft.

RFID vs. Barcode? It's Not A Competition.

We love barcodes – in fact, barcoding plays a complementary role in our IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions to automate programming of the specific drug data such as name, drug concentration, dose and package volume information. But usefulness and reliability of barcodes diminishes when you need to manage dozens, or even hundreds, of inventory items concurrently. 

Engineered with Ergonomics in Mind

Intelliguard Ergonomic Kit and Tray management

All of our IntelliGuard® RFID-enabled workstations are engineered with human factor ergonomics and physical space constraints in mind. That’s why we designed three space-saving, ergonomic solutions:

  • All-in-one cart
  • Countertop unit
  • Under counter unit

Our well-thought-out solutions for hospital pharmacy RFID automation provide optimum comfort for staff while minimizing physical space requirements for equipment:

  • Each workstation includes a fold down desk surface for RFID inventory processing
  • The Countertop and Under Counter models are designed to be installed at any height to optimize comfortable, functional use.
  • All IntelliGuard® RFID workstations include an integrated touchscreen computer and easy to use, intuitive software

IntelliGuard® RFID-enabled workstations can be easily customized based on your physical environment allowing for proper ergonomic use and fitting your specific space constraints.

Bring Us Your Problems. We Love a Challenge.

Our RFID know-how is uniquely suited to challenging use cases.  IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions are currently implemented for hospital pharmacy automation to manage critical inventory, such as procedural and emergency medication kits and trays, high-value medications, short expiration medication and narcotics. Our solutions ensure that the right medication is available at the right time and in the right location to support patient care with optimized inventory levels.

Real-time remote visibility of inventory within our RFID-enabled storage and management systems enables manufacturers and distributors to maintain consignment programs for high-value, critical dose medications, track their usage, manage a cold-chain pedigree, bill only as products are used and guarantee medication availability.

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IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions include:

Pharmacy Automation for Hospitals and Health Systems:

Error Prevention is Our Middle Name

Our corporate name, MEPS® has special meaning and significance.  It’s actually an acronym that stands for Medication Error Prevention Systems.  Our founders conceived of the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as a paradigm-shifting technology that could benefit the safety and efficiency of hospital pharmacy operations, and IntelliGuard® was born.

Learn How Our Patented RFID Smart Tag Processing Method Works to Eliminate the Risk of Medication Relabeling

For hospitals and health system medication inventory management applications,IntelliGuard® DOES NOT RECOMMEND OR REQUIRE printed relabeling of drugs on our RFID Smart Tags.  In fact, we’ve patented our RFID Smart Tag Processing™ method to ensure an optimized inventory management solution without the risk of medication relabeling. Download the "RFID Tag Encoding Best Practices For Hospital and Health System Inventory Control" whitepaper to learn more about vital safety implications and best practice guidelines for RFID encoding processes.

It Starts with Serialized RFID Smart Tags

The IntelliGuard® Solutions process begins by affixing an RFID Smart Tag to each medication container. Each RFID Tag contains a unique serial number identifier. Once inventory is affixed with RFID Smart Tags, they are placed in the Intelliguard® RFID encoding workstation and only then, are programmatically associated with the unique drug or product information.

_88Y7678_fit_870_800_0_0_0_90___405.jpgUnique Serial Number Utilized Throughout the IntelliGuard® RFID System

Once associated, each unique identifier is placed into a relational database and utilized throughout the system to enable effective, efficient and safe pharmaceutical inventory management processes. When inventory intervention is needed (expiration, recall, etc.), the serial number is used to identify specific drugs and their locations.

Human-Readable Information Not Required

Drug relabeling adds another potential human error that may slip into the pharmacy process. All IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions utilize patented RFID Smart Tag Processing™ to eliminate the need for medication relabeling. IntelliGuard® RFID Smart Tags DO NOT provide any drug data that can be confused by a clinician. The drug manufacturer’s label is never impeded or duplicated in any way, allowing the recommended safe medication handling practice of relying on the FDA approved label for all necessary drug information by clinical teams.

The fact is, drugs are already labeled with everything the clinician needs to know. Having it twice (i.e., once on the vial label and again on an RFID label) is just unnecessary information and presents a key medication safety risk in product/package/label mix-ups.

Every human error contributor that you can design out of your process improves the safety and quality of care you deliver. Read more about how mislabeling can lead to the medication error in our blog post, "No" is Often in Your Best Interest, download our whitepapers to learn more: The Risk of Relying on Human Perfection outlines common failure modes and the conditions that make it more likely for a human operator to make a mistake; RFID Tag Encoding Best Practices For Hospital and Health System Inventory Control discusses vital safety implications and best practice guidelines for RFID encoding processes.

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